SnoopForms Cloud stopped operations on 31.12.2022.
snoopForms is now Formbricks 🧱

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The Open-source Typeform Alternative.

Code or no-code your multi-page form. Pipe your data exactly where you need it. Maximize your results with juicy analytics.

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        "snoopForms" ]}
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Built for teams

The form tool both Engineers & Operators love

Keep your engineers happy with fast tech and a smoooth developer experience. Stay efficient by enabling operators and marketeers to no-code their own forms.

rockn roll because open source forms are lit

No Code 🤝 Code️

Build forms in React AND a No-Code editor. Manage all data in one dashboard.

build integrations on top of the open source typeform alternative

Granular Data Piping

Use conditional forwarding or send subsets of submission data to other destinations.

your privacy officer will give you thumbs up for the open source on premise self hosted forms alternative


Self-host snoopForms and comply with all privacy regulations easily.

analytics so yummy you wanna bring them on a date

👄-watering analytics

Identify drop-offs and A/B test wording. Get the most out of your form traffic.

coming soon

use what you like, build on top what you need. only possible with open source form builders

Composable & modular

Use what you like. Build on top what you need. Contribute what we’ve missed :)

a rocket because building forms and managing their input has never been faster

You sayin' bolt

snoopForms is built with Next.js, React, Tailwind and Prisma for blazingly fast forms.

Receive and manage your submissions in the snoopHub

The snoopHub is your multi-purpose submission data platform. Receive submissions from both coded and no-coded forms in one dashboard. Forward the data to where it's needed on a granular level.

It's free :)

snoopHub allows receiving and managing submissions from React and No Code builder open source forms typeform alternative

Build versatile forms in minutes with our lightweight libraries.

Built-in analytics, validation and pagination with state management - all the good stuff you don't want to build yourself. Style your forms with Tailwind or individually. Build exactly the form you want, let us do the rest.


Tons of powerful features (in the pipeline)

20+ question types, granular data piping and juicy form analytics are on the roadmap. Check what’s already here:

Unlimited forms

Unlimited submissions

Multiple choice questions

Free text questions

Custom “ThankYou” Page


Basic Analytics


20+ question types




Granular data piping


In-depth analytics


Email notifications


Form logic


Hidden fields


A/B Test of wording


Vue.js Library

Add feature to roadmap

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We just got started!

Hang with us in Discord :)